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Who We Are

The Deming MainStreet Program is a fully accredited program by New Mexico MainStreet. We seek to engage people, rebuild places, and work to revitalize our local economy. Our primary work is in three areas 1) Continue working with the City Of Deming and Luna County in the creation of visible public infrastructure improvements for pedestrian safety, placemaking, and civic spaces designed to encourage private sector reinvestment in commercial property. 2) Architectural improvements designed to improve buildings and create vital public spaces that engage property and building owners while endeavoring to leverage priviate reinvestment in our district. 3) Through the creation of an Economic Vitality subcommittee named, The Merchants Association which is chaired by one of our Directors who is a downtown merchant, are establishing an association of like minded building/business owners and entrepreneurs with a vested interest in improvement of our downtown business district. Through our combined efforts we work to enhance business creation and retention while improving property values and the resulting tax base.

Our goal is to foster community economic development and support Deming’s downtown and local business districts through revitalization and historic preservation.

We need your support to do our work — contact us to learn how you can volunteer or donate.

What We Do

Economic Vitality

Builds economic opportunity and create a supportive business environment for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and innovators; includes live/work housing.


Ensuring that all organizational resources (partners, funding, volunteers, etc.) are mobilized to effectively implement a Community Transformation Vison.


Enhancing the physical element of district while capitalizing on it’s unique historic assets; includes urban planning, public art, historic preservation and adaptive reuse of buildings.


Positioning the district as the center of the community and the hub of economic activity by creating a positive image that showcases a community’s unique characteristics.

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